Technology for agricultural silos

  • Temperature monitoring
  • Aeration automation
  • Prevent condensation

Everything to preserve the product

Temperature monitoring

Our equipment is compatible with sensors already installed in silos, temperatures are read every minute and transmitted online. Data can be accessed from any device, wherever you are, and if problems arise, you receive instant alerts on your mobile phone.

Automation aeration system

By adding a weather station, you control the fans so that they can be started and stopped only in optimal conditions when, for example, the relative humidity in the atmosphere rises above the permissible limit, preventing deterioration of the lowest layer of the product.

Preventing condensation on the ceiling

Inside metal silos under certain conditions of temperature and humidity, condensation occurs during aeration. Introducing sensors above and under the roof sheet, when the dew point is reached, we start the exhaust fans or stop the aeration.

Application online / cloud

If you've already invested in traditional temperature monitoring equipment or are you commercializing such a systems? Together we can find a solution to integrate the application with your equipment.

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